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Embracing Reinvention: Part Three: Hold On Loosely

Celebrate your reinvention and be open and ready to shift again. Image: freeimages.co.uk.

Tony Bond, MBA, MPOD
& Kristen Barney, MA, MSOD

How do we know when we are reinvented? We wrap up our three-part blog conversation by looking at the tangible, external results of reinvention.

TB: In Parts One and Two we turned inward, looking at the personal heart and mind. While looking within is essential, reinvention also involves other people. It is a contact sport. We transform in relationship, not in isolation. In fact, engagement with others propels us forward and allows us to see the progress we have made, when we might otherwise miss it. Reinvention can sneak up on us, because we are so busy striving, judging what we have not yet achieved, or looking for the next new strategy. Meanwhile, we may have arrived at a new station in life without realizing it. Here’s an example:

Years ago as a graduate student in positive organizational change, we were required to craft our own personal development plan that would include goals and aspirations for the next ten years. This came after a long process of defining our own personal vision, identifying personal strengths and gaps and building a personal network of relationships that could help us along our journey. The end result would be a total transformation into our ideal best self.

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